Whisky review: Port Ellen

Bit of a special one this, but everyone gets it wrong. Port Ellen is my whisky number three in my all time favourites list. I don’t get to drink much of it courtesy of the fact that all the Port Ellen there ever will be already is.

Although the maltings still supply other distilleries, the Port Ellen distillery itself closed in 1983. And that’s why everyone gets it wrong. They all go out and buy (and ooze over) the 1983 but the real prize is the ‘82.

It’s softer than the average Islay, sitting between Bunnahabain’s almost peat free flavour and Lagavulin’s warm winter flavours. But it’s almost sweet.

I haven’t tried Port Ellen in either an Old Fashioned or a Hot Toddy, and frankly if you do, I’ll be around your house like a shot. And when I say like a shot, the only smoke you’ll be experiencing will be from the barrel of my shotgun. A fitting punishment for wasting this precious limited resource.

Positive scores:

Taste: 8     Comfort: 8    Enjoyment: 8

Negative scores:

Morning repercussions: 3    Old fashioned: 0    Hot Toddy: 0

Total: +24 – 3 = 21

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