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As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s easy to slag things off. To liveblog reality shows like X Factor or Eurovision, being sarcastic and substituting cheap snide for real wit. Believe me, I’ve done it before. Some people make a good living at it, although they only impress the equally shallow.

I’ll try not to fall into that trap, even though the low-brow knuckle draggers would read it in droves, not having the ability or joy of raising their humour above the primary school playground insult.

So when I write reviews; whisky, sweeties, ads, books; I’ll try not to be boring, I’ll try to be (a little) funny, but I’ll try not to go for the sort of cheap, easy sarcasm you might expect from blog reviews. I’ll take some shots, some things (particularly the ads) deserve it. But I’ll not be gratuitous or bullying. Let me know if I am.

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