A Special Something For Freddie Mercury Fans

I’m a nice guy, and I know there are Freddie Mercury fans out there who don’t listen to Radio 4. I’d hate for them to miss last night’s Front Row just because I’m not there to tell them about it.

It’s about a painting called ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke‘. You’ll know it if you’re the sort of fan who knows everything about him and his influences. If that sounds like you, I’m posting this especially for you.

Here’s the link. It’s not embedded (nice loss of functionality, Beeb)
You’ll want to skip forwards to 23 minutes.

And here’s a little something extra, just because…

Never let it be said I’m anything other than a nice guy.

The Forgotten Song: The Next Time

Unless you’ve lived in a cave your whole life, there are some movies that you can’t help but have seen at least once:

  1. The Wizard Of Oz, where a girl arrives in a strange land, she kills the first person she meets, then teams up with a group of misfits to kill again.
  2. The Sound Of Music, where a failed nun reneges on her promises and seduces a local widower.
  3. And Summer Holiday, where a Rock And Roll star gets increasingly easy listening as he travels south.

Summer Holiday was on itv3 yesterday, and being a fading Rock and Roller myself, I naturally watched. There are famous songs in this movie: Summer Holiday (obviously), Bachelor Boy, and others. I don’t watch it often, and there’s a song in it that I always forget. It’s not just me, either: it’s never mentioned when other people talk about the movie. But it’s not all bad…

It’s called The Next Time. Enjoy.

Imagine, John Lennon

The third of three pieces of artwork of song lyrics by the amazing Pablo Stanley

The incomparable John Lennon, Imagine


Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen

Not really going to be the tone of this blog, but just before I really get going, here’s artwork of song lyrics by the amazing Pablo Stanley

Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now