Anthropith’s Whisky Week

The week around the 22nd of October is a big whisky week for me. I like to buy in a few bottles – some of my favourites and some I haven’t tried before.

For one reason or another I’ve not done this for a few years, so this year I went a big, I really splashed out. Not only did I buy my favourites, I bought some expensive ones, too.

So this week, I have a Whisky Review a day. I’ll update this page as the week goes on with a contents list to add to the reviews that are already on here.

Whisky Week 2013

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Whisky Review: Laphroaig


Laphroaig is, for my money, one of the top 5 single malts. Just.

Of the Western Isles it’s one of the smokier whiskies, falling somewhere between Lagavulin and Jura, but not too smokey, like the latter. You can still enjoy the subtle flavours beneath the peat, which the tube helpfully tells me is nutty barley, and the sweet Islay streams.

Best enjoyed by a large inglenook fire to warm yourself after a stroll in the winter snow, do not – as the distillery suggest – mix it with water. A little ice if you must. The strong comforting flavour will warm you quite effectively.

That same flavour would make this dreadful in a hot toddy, completely overpowering the lemon and honey. It would be utterly spoilt by the angostura in a well prepared Old Fashioned.

These are the highly subjective and unscientific measures by which I shall, henceforth, review whisky (no pun intended).

Positive scores (these are high in good whiskies):

Taste: 7    Comfort: 8   Enjoyment: 8

Negative scores (these are low in good whiskies):

Morning repercussions: 2    Old fashioned: 3    Hot Toddy: 3

Total: +23 -8 = 15

This might seem a low score, but I’m a harsh judge of whisky. Only 3 or 4 score higher. Few score double figures.

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