30 in 90 (at 89)

– This post was written on 8th September –

2013 It’s been a hell of year.

Professionally, I’ve achieved more this year than in the last 3 put together. I got a dream job, one that I’ve been passionate about and has the potential to take me on to the job I’ve wanted for most of my adult life. Even so, it’s given me time to pursue another project, just now coming to fruition that I’m enormously proud to have done. I’m just about to embark on yet another long standing academic ambition.

All this I’ve achieved because I’ve been able to plan long term and do what’s right, and not have to firefight the nonsense and priorities of other people.

Personally, I’m far more stable and focussed than I’ve been for a long time. And even at it’s worst I’m pretty focussed!


It’s been a hell of a year.

Those of you who see me often will know about what happened in January, and the knock on effects of that. Those of you who see me rarely will probably already have said to me “You’ve lost weight.” And how! After January’s stuff I dropped around 25% of my bodyweight in three months. Just as I was stabilising in April and even gained a little by the middle of May, I dropped another stone by mid-June.

Since then I’ve languished around 30 – 40 lbs below my comfortable weight. And it’s so tiring. And no one is sympathetic, they all wish they could do it, too! No one wants to hear about how you’re trying to put ON weight.

So, as of the beginning of September, I’m starting a self designed program to put on 30lbs in 90 days. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’m not so sure.

– This part was written on 28th November –

So, that professional achievement has gone on to become the basis of my greatest post-osteopathy achievement. I couldn’t have hoped for more. There’ll be much more about this on the blog as it becomes public, but as I included mention of it in September, I thought I’d update you!

As for the weight, it’s going back on very nicely. Not quite 30lbs in 90 days, as I’d hoped, but around half that, and I’ve taken the opportunity to make sure it goes on in the right way. I’m in better shape physically than I’ve been since my early twenties. Which makes me feel pretty good!

Another thing I’ll be writing about on the blog in the coming month is the amazing gift I received from Bunnahabhain whisky yesterday.

That gift was the icing on the cake of an outstanding November, which itself has topped out the best 12 months I’ve had in a long time. November is traditionally a rubbish month. The last time something very positive happened was 8 years ago when Number 3 was born. Since then it’s been bad November after bad November. Someone has always managed to mess things up, often right at the end of the month. But this year it has been good news after good news.

Perhaps I shouldn’t speak too soon, there’s still two days left! Lets see if someone tries to mess things up again!

30 in 90 (at 30)

So my 30 in 90 project is not going extraordinarily well.

At 30 days, I had hoped to be at ’10’, instead I’m at 4. Yes, Four. That means I’m on target to hit 12 of the 30.

What’s more, I’ve just got a new deadline only 12 days away, and I expect that this will distract me for the next little while. I’ll keep the pressure on though. perhaps the first four will act as a solid foundation and the remaining 26 will come easier. I can only hope.


30 in 90 (at 9)

I’ve just written a post that will be published on November 28th, just as my 30 in 90 program comes to an end.

Why? And what is 30 in 90?

They’re supremely self-indulgent posts – all about me and no one else!

I want to explain what 30 in 90 is, but only at the end. I want to say why I’m doing it, but only when it’s done. In the meantime, I do want to give a little context about the 30 in 90 posts that will appear from time to time over the next three months.

So, enjoy the posts and the graphs, even though you don’t know what they are or why I’m posting them.