Three Spirit – Nightcap

Something a little different. Why? Because I did Dry January this year, and if you weren’t doing that, there’s the important matter of Covid Vaccines. It appears that the efficacy of vaccines is improved if you avoid alcohol for a week before and two weeks after. So you may want something else. Something to fill the niche of whisky, but not be a horrible, fakey, alcohol free whisky.

And this is it, Nightcap from Three Spirit.

The bottle is beautiful – gold letters on shimmering chocolate glass. But it’s disappointingly small at 50cl. On the other hand, it’s only £25 and gets delivered to your door!

The drink itself is only revealed as you pour. And it’s cloudy, which surprised. The aroma isn’t shy, and why should it be when it’s delicious? You could probably smell this all evening without ever bothering to drink it. But that’s hardly the point.

If it matters to you, Nightcap is vegan. But if you’re not vegan don’t let it put you off. In the booklet the company send, it describes itself as “Woody, mellow, smooth” and later as “Decadent, woody & smooth“. What it doesn’t say is it’s not woody like a whisky. It’s woody like a forest. I mean this as a compliment. The way the smells of a wood get into your head and calm you. It’s mellow like a lazy walk in the woods.

Its ingredients contain spices, herbs and plants that naturally relax and relieve stress, inducing a little soporific warmth and comfort. This is why I say it fills the role of an end-of-day whisky, and why its name is well chosen. Special mention in those ingredients are the lemon balm, valerian and cracked pepper, all of which come through clearly but combined into the decadence the booklet mentions.

So much more subtle than alcohol in its influence on your mood, it very quietly, very gently eases you into that relaxed, content feeling that you can take to bed.

In exactly the same way it has very quietly, very gently made a permanent place for itself in the Monk’s Bench. The first non-alcoholic drink to achieve that. And the scotch doesn’t seem to mind the intruder at all.

I’ll review the other offerings as my budget allows!


No distillery or distributor has ever paid me to review a drink (although I’ve been sent a few bottles for free). I don’t promote drinks for anyone, so I can always give my honest opinion. But when you order Three Spirit, they automatically give you a link you can share so new customers can buy at a discount, and I get a discount too. So if you want to try Three Spirit and thank me for telling you about it, buy it from this link.


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