Atheism, Secularism, and Misconceptions

While a debate kicks off in the UK about faith, politics and the constitution, I though this was a well timed reminder of the benefits to everyone of a secular society.


Theists: We Aren’t Your Enemy

There are massive misconceptions among the religious about atheism and secularism. There is a perceived threat where none exists. Although exceptions certainly may be found, the great majority of atheists do NOT want to stop the religious from holding or practicing religious beliefs… except in the rare cases where they cross the line and infringe on the rights of others. To clarify, ‘rights’ refers to legally defined freedoms applicable to all. After all, rights don’t mean much if they don’t provide the widest possible coverage. There is no ‘right’ to force your religious views on others, nor is there any ‘right’ to protection from offense. Offense is an imaginary injury that goes away when you stop imagining it.

The simple truth is, many atheists would go further to protect your beliefs and freedom to worship than those of other religions, or even sects within the same religion. This…

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