Whisky Review: @Bunnahabhain (25 Year Old)

My second extravagance of the week. A more reliable gamble than the 28 year old Singleton, too. Yes, it really did come in its own box, just like the picture (although, as with all the reviews, I’ve used a sales picture: why would you want a dark pic from my iPhone when there are lovely professional shots available?)

Unboxing it was rather special, too. Finding the bottle resting snugly in its bed, just tempting me to take its top off and drink it in.

What’s a man to do?

Bunnahabhain is, as regular readers will know, my favourite whisky. That’s why I was prepared to take the risk of buying this. I was far happier with this purchase than the Singleton 28, and it was a little cheaper at under £200. Not that pricing information is any good for you because all 400 bottles have sold now.

And I have one of them.

I don’t know whether to put the emphasis on “I have one of them” as a brag or “I have one of them” to show how foolish it was not to buy a case. How I wish I had more. It’s a truly great scotch, and at that price, it’s one I could justify drinking often – but not with just one precious bottle. I’m going to ration it out to myself until more become available (please, oh please).

whisky review.Bunnahabhain25

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