30 in 90 (at 30)

So my 30 in 90 project is not going extraordinarily well.

At 30 days, I had hoped to be at ’10’, instead I’m at 4. Yes, Four. That means I’m on target to hit 12 of the 30.

What’s more, I’ve just got a new deadline only 12 days away, and I expect that this will distract me for the next little while. I’ll keep the pressure on though. perhaps the first four will act as a solid foundation and the remaining 26 will come easier. I can only hope.


Information About *Your* Medical Details. An Important Warning.

Information that you share with your GP is about to be extracted from surgery records and stored on a centralised NHS system with your identifying details still attached. From there, it will be made available for administrative, research and other purposes. The claim is that your records will be ‘anonymised’ before they are handed over to anyone else, but this is not true. There are several circumstances in which data that identifies patients will be made available.

Once your information has been uploaded, neither you nor your GP will have any control over who it is shared with, who has access or what is done with it. You will not be consulted, nor will you be asked for consent. Uploads will take place automatically every month.

When you next visit your GP, you may see a small poster headed ‘how information about you helps us to provide better care’. This is how the NHS is explaining its plans to you and it is very misleading. It does not give you full details of the information that will be collected and it claims that it will not identify you.

Further down the poster you will see the words ‘you have a choice’. What this actually means is: if you do not want personal and confidential information to be taken from your medical record every month, the onus is on you to opt out of the scheme. If you don’t do so, it will be assumed that you consent to the extraction.

You can download an opt-out letter to complete and send to your GP from the medConfidential website: http://medconfidential.org/how-to-opt-out/

You will also find more detailed information about the scheme – known as ‘care.data’ – on the medConfidential website.

Please tell all of your friends, family and colleagues about this scheme, or forward this email to them. It is very important that everyone knows they must take action if they don’t want their information to leave their GP’s surgery.

– Thanks to Terri Dowty for this information

30 in 90 (at 9)

I’ve just written a post that will be published on November 28th, just as my 30 in 90 program comes to an end.

Why? And what is 30 in 90?

They’re supremely self-indulgent posts – all about me and no one else!

I want to explain what 30 in 90 is, but only at the end. I want to say why I’m doing it, but only when it’s done. In the meantime, I do want to give a little context about the 30 in 90 posts that will appear from time to time over the next three months.

So, enjoy the posts and the graphs, even though you don’t know what they are or why I’m posting them.

Trolling, Men Are Raised To Hate Women and Other Confusing Statements.

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They See Me Trollin'

Twitter has been big news of late, with reports that they plan to implement an abuse reporting function.  I’ve been asked a few times what my thoughts are on the matter, and I’m all for it.

Threatening and unlawful behaviour is completely unacceptable and those who engage in such a manner should be held accountable.  I displayed my willingness to side with this sentiment recently by reporting a clearly threatening tweet (not to me) to the police.

My only concern is: how will this be regulated?  Will Twitter have the manpower (or women!!!!!) to efficiently distinguish abusers and trollers from genuine disagreement or attempts to engage in meaningful discourse? Given the vast numbers of Twitter users and the seemingly unrealistic task of policing it, is it likely to be an unmanned,  automated process?  An algorithm simply reacting to multiple ‘abuse reports’? Only time will tell.

‘Troll’ seems the buzzword…

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