Kids Today!

Saturday night. I confess I’d had a couple of drinks. But nothing like the number of drinks the group of teenagers who walked past had. They’d been out for a great night. Even so, they were being gentlemen and dropping the girls they’d been out with safely home. I met them just after they’d dropped the last one off.

Two of them were taking the mickey out of the third because of his broken nose. How had he broken it? A failure of Jeff Murdoch’s NAT: Nose Avoidance Tilting. Rule one when you’re about to kiss a girl, tilt your head a little. Otherwise she’s going to headbutt you in the face. I’d like to say he took it on the chin, but no.

So here, as promised and just for @RobertN1996, @PatrickLewin and @JayWilliamTee is Lesson 1:

But these guys were friendly, happy, had a good night, were having fun, but were still gentlemanly to the girls they’d been with, walking them home and being polite and respectful about them even after they were out of earshot.

Kids today? We’ve less to worry about than we think.


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