Whisky Review: Bunnahabhain

There’s no point me starting this review without first telling you that this is my favourite distillery. Bar none.
I like it even more than my late father’s favourite, Lagavulin.

It’s a strange choice for a favourite, because, in truth, it’s a strange single malt. It comes (as do so many great malts) from the Isle of Islay, famous for the peaty warmth of their whiskies. Yet Bunnahabhain is the least peaty (as I find it). It still has the warming depth of flavour, the fullness in your mouth and the trail of heat into your chest as you swallow. It leaves an exquisite aftertaste, that compels you to take another draught from your glass.

These are the true tests of a perfect malt. Does it beg you to drink more? Does it punish you if you do?

Bunnahabhain does the first and steadfastly refuses to do the second. It’s easy to drink, and as you do it doesn’t relinquish that flavour, each mouthful being as good as the first.

It’s easy, too, to kill an entire bottle in an evening (preferably with a second person to help). It’s not hard to wake up fresh in the morning afterwards, with a clear head and a real eagerness to face the day.

Seriously, if you can find me an ‘entry level’ single malt whisky I like more than this, I’ll buy you a dozen bottles in gratitude.

whisky review.Bunnahabhain with box

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9 thoughts on “Whisky Review: Bunnahabhain

  1. I tried this for the first time a week ago (I bought a bottle) because I was looking for a new sherried malt, but I didn’t want to break the bank. It’s delicious, with a lot of depth for a 12-year, but it’s not overly sweet. In fact I found it a little more earthy. Maybe that’s the casks?

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