Whisky Review: Royal Lochnagar

I really want to like Royal Lochnagar.

It’s rich, it’s well made, it has a delicious aroma, it has that strength of flavour and spicy edge that makes non-whisky people pull that face (always a pleasure to watch!)

But… Whenever I buy a bottle, I have one or two glasses from it, and the rest ends up in winter warming Honey and Lemon drinks for when you have a cold. Proper comfort drink.

  1. Take one unwaxed lemon and cut it in half.
  2. Take the pointy side and cut the nipple end off so that the segments are just showing through.
  3. Throw what’s left of the pointy half in the bottom of a mug, and squeeze the juice from the bowl shaped half into the mug with it.
  4. Dollop on a generous spoonful of honey (Manuka is best, but whatever you have will do).
  5. Fill to the halfway point with whisky.
  6. Then top up with water that’s recently boiled, but has just gone off.
  7. Inhale the aroma.
  8. Drink.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to use a great single malt in one of these, and I don’t have bad whisky in the house. Royal Lochnagar hits the spot perfectly.

whisky review.lochnagar


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