Sweetie Review: Kinder Pingui

Kinder. Synonymous with eggs containing small choking hazards.

The Kinder Pingui contains no choking hazard. And there seems to be something missing.

First bite, and first impression: It’s a fake choc-ice. A rectangle of chocolate with cool fondant inside. Straight from the fridge this is pretty good, but as I took my second bite I realised what wasn’t there.

A biscuit core.

I know. You’re thinking what freakish man is this that thinks there should be a biscuit core to a choc-ice? Well not me, but my second bite has revealed the truth. This isn’t a fake choc-ice. It’s a fake Wagon Wheel. Just one that isn’t so big you’ve got to grin to get it in. And they’ve saved all that space by taking out the biscuit core.

I’d like to say: If you like Wagon Wheels, get one of these. But if you like Wagon Wheels, get a Wagon Wheel. If you like choc-ices (and who doesn’t?), get a choc-ice. Unless you don’t have a convenient freezer. Then this is just right. Get one.

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