Sweetie Review: Swizzel’s ‘Loadsa Sweets’

There are lots of disadvantages to losing nearly a quarter of your body weight in a few months: Your (expensive) clothes don’t fit; your stamina takes a hit; and you can’t get away without shaving, because then you look scruffy.

However, there is a massive advantage, I get to eat whatever I want to try and get the weight back: Fast food, lots of food, and lots of sweets – so long as I make sure it goes back in the right places of course!

So Swizzel’s Loadsa Sweets sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered.

We all love Swizzel’s. Who hasn’t enjoyed one of their fizzy double lollies or a drumstick? They’re both here in this assortment pack (in fact there’s 40% more of each for nothing. Supposedly).

But this is one of my two major gripes about this pack. Look at the picture. Does that really look like loads of sweets to you? It looks like some sweets, yes. But loads? Perhaps a matter for Trades’ Descriptions.

What sweets there are are all (almost all) well known and generic. If you got through your childhood without trying them, then you might have good cause to phone up your parents and ask them what on earth they were thinking not letting you rot your teeth like a normal child.

My two gripes are the missing sweets: blue refreshers, fizzers, lovehearts – they’re all there on the packet. 3 out of the five types of sweet on the packet aren’t inside. I’m not sure that’s where they got their 40% boast from.

Also the inclusion of Parma Violet Refreshers. The Marmite of the sweetie world, love ’em or hate ’em. That you can rarely buy them on their own suggests you’re far more likely not to be in the love ’em camp.

Oh well, I suppose Swizzels have to get rid of them somewhere.

sweetie review.001


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